Talent and Leadership

Leadership keynote program with North WoodAs a leader of many professional violin sections, I believe I have learned the secrets of gaining peoples trust, which in turn allows me to lead them.

The job of a concertmaster is to lead the violin section to play together, play in tune and to follow phrasings and bowings.  This program will help you understand how to walk the thin line between showing strength and being abusive. The bottom line is that you will get the best results if people like you and trust you.  The trick is knowing how to accomplish this.

Through story telling and musical examples, I will help you learn how to get your employees to trust you and follow you without the need of force or anger.

This is a partial list of television and motion picture soundtracks that I have worked on:

Schindlers List, The Postman, The Mirror Has Two Faces, The Green Mile, The People vs. Larry Flynt, First Knight, Identity, First Wives Club, The American President, Star Trek, First Contact, Improbable Cause, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Speed II, Con Air, Space Jam, The Relic, The Net, City Hall, Mrs. Doubtfire, Maverick, Meet Joe Black, The Preacher’s Wife, Up Close And Personal, Eye For An Eye, Pay It Forward, Virtuosity, Indian In The Cupboard, Forget Paris, The River Wild, The Client, Maverick, Home Alone, Father Of The Bride I & II, Shawshank Redemption, Erin Brockovitch, Guarding Tess, Wyatt Earp, Santa Clause, The Horse Whisperer, Sister Act I, II, Wrestling Ernest Hemmingway, Aladdin, A Few Good Men, A River Runs Through It, Last Of The Mohicans, Addams Family, Addams Family Values, City Slickers, Prince Of Tides, Death Becomes Her, Man On The Moon, Of Mice And Men, Ace Ventura, Alien 3 ,Aspen Extreme, Bed of Roses, Beethoven, Born in East L.A., Celtic Pride, Congo, Curly Sue, Cats Don’t Dance, Demolition Man, Devil In A Blue Dress, Dracula, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Honeymoon In Vegas, Hot Shots II, Milk Money, Little Rascals, Moonlight and Valentino, Return To The Blue Lagoon, Urban Legend, The Simpsons

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