Talent simply means the ability to do something very quickly.  This hour to hour and a half keynote is my most popular using the best elements of all my other programs.  The elements are cohesively combined to give a complete understanding of the many different facets and subjects regarding the nature of achievement and success.  This is explained through the medium of talent and creativity along with musical examples that are performed throughout the keynote to illustrate points and ideas.  All presentations end with an exciting and moving finale complete with accompaniment.

   Your audience will learn:

  • Leadership skills
  • The difference between doing “the best you can” and “doing whatever it takes”
  • The levels of awareness – the building blocks of talent and success
  • Techniques for reaching goals
  • Creativity – there is always a way around a problem
  • The joy of hard work and commitment
  • Team building
  • Vision – the completed vision must come first
  • The inner world of the child prodigy and how it applies to you
  • The laws of personal change
  • Developing a strong sense of confidence
  • The power of objectivity – finding a clear path to your goals and what it will take

All speaking engagement include instructional material for techniques and live musical examples and performances.

Glowing Testimonials From Meeting Planners

“I cannot say enough about North Wood. He is knowledgeable in many different areas of personal development and is skillful in applying them. Yet far more significant are his spirit, energy and enormous faith in himself and in the potential of others. I heartily recommend North Wood to all those seeking motivation in developing their true potential and creating a better life for themselves.”
~ Oswaldo Molina, Century 21

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful keynote during our Circle of Excellence Awards Luncheon at the Florida Health Care Association’s Annual Conference. Your keynote, “The Joy of Hard Work and Commitment”, delivered exactly the message our members needed to hear and your beautiful violin music added just the touch of elegance that fit perfectly with our theme, “A Celebration of Caregiving”. You are a true professional and a joy to work with! Again, thank you so much for your contribution to our very successful Conference. ~ Cathy Westberry, Director of Event Planning

“It has been wonderful to have you at the 2011 Alabama Governer’s Conference on Tourism. Your presentation and the music at the awards banquet were both delightful additions to our agenda. Thank you so much for adding to the tremendous success of our conference this year! It was a true pleasure to work with such a true professional. Your session was greatly appreciated! The critiques were a testimonial to that! We appreciate you going above and beyond the call of duty to make this conference our best yet!”.~ Patti Culp CAE, Morgan, JoAn, Cynthia and Dawn, Alabama Travel Council Governor’s Conference

“We recently had the privilege of having North Wood out to our April 21-22 conference. North came to us as our keynote speaker and was one of the best openers we’ve had in years. He spoke to us about finding our talents, utilizing his violin and experiences to engage the attendees and provide them with new and useful ways of finding their abilities. We were truly pleased from the responses we received. If there are future events we recommend that North be a part of those events. We have received nothing but complements. It was a true pleasure. ~ Vicki Delgado, President, New Mexico Health Information Management Association

“Your presentation was AWESOME!! A month plus later I’m still hearing from everyone how much they loved your talk and performance. I loved that you stayed after the luncheon Q&A and played for us. It was absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I don’t know how else to express what an impact you had on our Town Hall, but thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It doesn’t get much better than this!” ~Rebecca Henderson, Meeting Planner, Town Hall Speaker Series

“Thank you North. The program was exactly as I had envisioned! Some of the feed back was that your message was very inspirational and all enjoyed the wonderful music. Thank you so much for such a memorable program. I have been playing your CD in my office, and it is wonderful. This was clearly one of my favorite events all year.” ~Jean Jewell, President, Association of Legal Administrators

“Your talent amazed us and your combination of music and motivational speaking exceeded all our expectations. Your presentation was spectacular. The folks in Alabama are still talking about the “Night at the Oscars” awards banquet. Your participation in this event was the crowning touch to a stunning evening. Your performance was simply unforgettable.”
~ Byron White, APSE President, Alabama Association for Supported Employment, Montgomery, AL

“WALA would like to extend our deepest gratitude and thanks for being our opening speaker at our Spring Conference. Your time, energy and support were greatly appreciated. We have received extremely positive comments from this years event, and that is largely due to you. The expertise you brought to the conference helped to make it an outstanding educational event for the assisted living industry.” ~ Jim Murphy, Executive Director, Wisconsin Assisted Living Association

“North Wood’s presentation gave us the opportunity to examine music in relation to creativity and the laws of personal change. As he is a most talented and sensitive individual, it was a privilege to have him as our guest.”
~ Pauline Bennett, Coordinator, City of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA

“I’ve received numerous appreciation letters regarding the annual NSBA Presidents Retreat. Your session and your evening entertainment proved key to making our Retreat a success. I thank you on behalf of all who heard you on both occasions, for your time and effort in making this such a special retreat! Many spoke of your beautiful music and how generous you were to provide it not only during your presentation but also on our first evening together. I hope we may call upon your expertise again.” ~ Frances D. Kassinger, Ph.D. Director of Educational Services. ~ National School Boards Association

“On behalf of the California Assisted Living Association Board of Directors and staff please accept our sincere gratitude for making the CALA 2010 fall conference a great success! The overall comments for the conference were extremely positive. We sincerely appreciate your sharing of knowledge and personal experience to benefit the CALA members, as this is what makes our conference so special. Thank you.” ~ Jan Trifiro, Conference Planner, ~ California Assisted Living Association

“I wanted to express my appreciation for your wonderful presentation on the creative mind, achieving success and the levels of awareness. Your honest and unique insight inspired us to think beyond the obvious and explore the part of ourselves that is truly unlimited. It was a special treat to have you play the violin – it was beautiful. I would like to ask you back for another presentation. Much success and many thanks.” ~ Paula Phillips, Manager special products, Murad Inc.

“North Wood’s presentation drew rave reviews from the audience and contributed a great deal toward making the events a success! His violin performance was beautiful. He was greatly appreciated and we would love to have him back” ~ G.I.S.C. Lorita C. Abanding: supervisor

“We thank North Wood for his inspirational presentation on the creative mind and how we may all achieve success in our lives. We received many wonderful comments from our group expressing their appreciation for his presentation. We also wish to make particular note of the beautiful background music he offered to provide while breakfast was being served. We thank him for sharing his message and sharing his wonderful talent with us.” ~ Cecile Kelly, Administrative Manager, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom

“Thank you so very much for your presentation. I know you could tell by the warm response and questions from the group how very much you were appreciated. Your ideas and methods certainly point out that we can do better, be more productive and live a fuller life…and at any age. We hope you’ll come again, Please.” ~ Robert Brown, Program Chairman, New York Life Corporation

“We would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to North Wood for speaking at our holiday event. The audience found his presentation most inspiring and thought provoking. In addition to his presentation, we so enjoyed listing to his live classical music. It added a very special touch. We thank him for sharing his talents, experiences and philosophies. They were enjoyed by all.” ~ Kathleen Gross, President, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, Downey, CA

“It was wonderful to have you at the NSBA Presidents’ Retreat. I heard many wonderful comments about your message and your musicianship. It was especially effective that you first provided a workshop on the connections between music and leadership and then later performed for our enjoyment during dinner. Thank you very much for making the 2005 NSBA Presidents’ Retreat a success.” ~ Joan Schmidt, President National School Boards Association, Alexandria, VA

“We thank North Wood for his inspirational insight into the laws of personal change and the creative mind. It was a privilege to have him as our guest and to hear his beautiful violin concert. Our members enjoyed the program so much!!” ~ Thea Neal, Director, OASIS

“On behalf of the California REALTOR EXPO advisory committee, thank you for participating in California REALTOR EXPO 2004 and making the Closing Luncheon a very successful event. Your music was absolutely breathtaking! The luncheon was a huge success because of your commitment to excellence. Thanks again.” ~ Marie Thomas, 2004 Chair, California REALTOR EXPO Advisory Committee

“Thank you again for your informative and insightful presentation. The students and faculty found it very enlightening and responded very enthusiastically. One student described it as a breakthrough. I hope you will be able to come back next year.” ~ Robert Eaton, Pasadena City College , Pasadena, CA

“Thank you for being a major part of our “Salute To Staff” fundraiser in April. Your message was exactly right to motivate the people in attendance to find success in their lives. Your violin was magic! Thanks for making the luncheon a great success.” ~ Sally Punches, Event Coordinator, QUOTA International

“Thank you for participating in the opening day activities for the faculty. You struck a chord with those who attended your session. The faculty members found your presentation to be: well thought out, motivational, helped re-focus on the creative element, well spoken and genuinely interesting. Thank you for taking the time to make a presentation that challenged us to think.” ~ Mark Pracher, Chair, Instructional Activities, Los Angeles Mission College, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for speaking and performing at the recent luncheon meeting of the Women’s American ORT. You presented a professional, well-planned and enjoyable program. Our members were very pleased and received it with enthusiasm. Hopefully, we may have you at a future date.” ~ Wanda Herschderfer, Women’s American ORT, New York, NY

“I would like to personally thank you for making our Town Hall Series a great success! Your violin playing was breathtaking! Your talk was very insightful and it was interesting to learn about the dimensions to success, talent and happiness. All of us were impressed with your warm personality and feel that you are a true friend. You were accommodating in every way and your generosity was always felt. You were a pure delight. Thank you again.” ~ Barb Schlaff, Margaret Waterman Town Hall Chair, University of Michigan

“Your motivational presentation on “Doing Your Best” hit a high note with the people attending your lecture. The music set the mood. The music in addition to the presentation made the program thoroughly enjoyable. One of the participants wrote the following critique, “Mr. Wood was very articulate, challenging and enlightening – a very stimulating program”. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to present your program to our employees.”~ Elaine Porzucki, CME Coordinator, Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital

“Thank you for coming to Wisconsin. I truly enjoyed your presentation and the CD you gave me. Your session was cited in some of the narrative comments as one of the “best general sessions” that we’ve had. Thank you for the great session.” ~ Sandy Bissen, Executive Director, Wisconsin Health Information Management Association

“Thank you for your fantastic contribution to the success of our annual convention. Having a speaker such as yourself is the reason we are able to have a successful convention. We know that all the information you brought to our convention will be used and appreciated by all the attendees. So again, thank you for attending our annual Franchise Convention.” ~ Shay Kalmanovich, CEO, 911 Restoration

North Wood, Keynote, Banquet & Luncheon Specialist, Live Musical Entertainment

What Audiences Are Saying About North Wood

“This kick off presentation was awesome.  Really hit home and spot on.  Very inspiring and unique. Great show! Thank you!”

“Thank you for North.  He touched our hearts and souls”

“After working for years with the same residents poor attitudes, I really feel I have a new perspective on how to look at this life job that I love again”

“I loved North Wood.  One of my all time favorite speakers I have ever heard at any conference I have ever attended.  Have him back for a full day please!”

“Mr. Wood was truly astounding in his presentation and his music was like none I have ever heard.  I could have listened to him for days.”

“Outstanding! Allowed me to think outside the box and reflect amidst very effective musical interludes.  I loved this!  North was also very inspirational and thought provokingThanks for the opportunity.”

“BEAUTIFUL violin music – soothing to the soul and so evident he has found his calling and passion to inspire others to greatness.  Loved it!”

“Great idea bringing in North Wood. He was very sincere and compelling!”

“Excellent speaker!”

“Amazing music – great inspiring message”

“Excellent presentation!!”

“I really enjoyed his balance with presenting and music .  It was a nice way to end the day as his music was so therapeutic and lovely.  He was different from your traditional presenters and I really liked that!”

“North Wood shared his insight and talents with us.  He reminded us that success is a feeling, not a resume.  We should remember to appreciate the miracles that take place in our lives each day.  He was a great speaker.”

“Wonderful, inspiring!”

“What a wonderful speaker and insight in how to reach goals”

“Great life experiences relating to our jobs”

“It was absolutely excellent and I will take home the information and use it”


“Thank you for such a profound experience.  Exceed the highest rating on the evaluation sheet”

“Oh my god!!”

“I loved his presentation.  I could have listened to his information all day!  Motivating, inspiring and happy”

 “Wonderful, amazing, uplifting.  I loved this session”

“Awesome program, beautiful music, very inspirational”

“Excellent – what stuck with me was the similarity between what our speaker does and what we do”

“Fresh, invigorating and stimulating approach to traditional concepts.  Some interesting down to earth and well focused new concepts”

“Excellent speaker, excellent musician”

“Exceeded expectations, wonderful, inspiring”

“Well organized and the opening speaker was fitting and fantastic”

“Very motivational, and wonderful presentation style.”

“Loved the music and humor”

“Wonderful!!! Great combination of insightful messages as well as an amazing concert.  Thank you!”

“The music was beautiful”

“Very inspirational!”

“Content and music outstanding”

 “I have been attending these conferences for thirty years and this was the best presentation I have ever heard”

“Wonderful presentation!  Enjoyed the music with the talk.  I left energized and ready to take on the world.”

“Great show. Very thought-provoking”

“To say it short and sweet, some great advice and good direction backed up with lovely music. It doesn’t get better than this!”

“He was the highlight of the entire conference”

“He was great”



“Great musician and speaker”

“North Wood was just what I needed to hear. North reassured I was doing things right and his professional affirmation made me feel great!”

“What a pleasant way to approach the importance of goal-setting. Enjoyable and beneficial”

“Refreshing “new” concept in delivery of this message”

“Great music and inspiration”

“Listening to his music made me so happy”

“Very inspirational, gave practical techniques on visualization, reaching goals”

“Thank you for reminding us not to be so serious all the time and to remember to have joy every day”

“Beautiful musical performance”

“Life = balance = great. Beautiful”

“He had a cute personality, Very talented”

“He was a dynamic speaker.  The addition of music and metaphors were helpful and motivating.”

“Powerful message and powerful techniques.  Loved how he incorporated the violin into his teaching.”

“Beautiful, thank you”

“I loved this speakers engagement with the audience!”

“Loved him”

“I just closed my eyes and let my mind go. It was such lovely music”

“It was awesome!!”

“Absolutely enjoyed the integration music with teaching, specifically his own life experience.”

“Great music

“You set the pace for a wonderful conference and gave me the morale boost I have needed for a long time so, Thank You! You are a very inspirational speaker and a wonderful violinist.”

“North Wood was very knowledgeable – loved this music and words.”

“I just loved it”

“That was a wonderful and refreshing presentation

The topic was a wonderful choice and we are grateful that his presentation did not mimic the ones we’d seen in the years prior!”

“Absolutely loved the violin!”

“The music created such a calming environment”

“I was fortunate to attend the North Wood presentation. Please except my complete congratulations on such a wonderful speaker choice. I enjoyed the speech along with the musical selections. Thank you for the delightful experience”

“The music made me smile”

“Thank you for playing for lunch”

“He brings a breath of fresh air”

“Everyone loved you so much”

“To me your music was “Heavenly”

“A new and fun way of doing a presentation”

“It was a true pleasure”

“You must bring him back”

“Excellent speaker, excellent musician”


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