A Creative Approach to Achievement and Success

As a professional keynote speaker, North Wood has given presentations to major corporations, associations, universities and organizations.  He is a teacher, consultant, award-winning artist and is known for his unique and inspiring programs.  Talent simply means the ability to do something very well very quickly.  His presentations are about reaching goals, realizing desires and the techniques that make them a reality.  All of this is explained through the medium of talent and creativity along with musical examples that are performed throughout his talks to illustrate points and ideas.  All presentations end with an exciting and moving musical finale complete with accompaniment.  More information regarding programs can be found in the programs section of this site.  North Wood has performed on the soundtracks to over two hundred major motion pictures including, Schindlers List, A Few Good Men, Mrs. Doubtfire, Star Trek, Home Alone, Addams Family, City Slickers, The Green Mile, Maverick, Pay It Forward, The River Wild, Ace Ventura, Shawshank Redemption, Speed, The American President, Father of the Bride, A River Runs Through It, Of Mice and Men, Honeymoon in Vegas and The Simpsons.  He has performed with nationally recognized major music ensembles, won competitions and has recorded and performed with the worlds most famous Grammy Award winning artists.  North’s new book, “How To See Beauty In Life” published by Anaphora Literary Press can be purchased on this site.  Before becoming a full time speaker North Wood worked as a certified therapist helping people reach their goals. He has also hosted is own television series discussing his techniques regarding the nature of talent, achievement and success.


Solving the Mystery of Talent Keynotes and Programs with North Wood


Keynote, Banquet and Luncheon Specialist

Keynote, Solving the Mystery of Talent

This hour to hour and a half keynote is my most popular as it uses the best elements of all my programs. The elements are cohesively combined to give a complete understanding of the many different facets and subjects regarding the nature of talent, achievement and success. Music is performed throughout this program as with all my programs to illustrate points and ideas ending with an exciting and moving finale. Read more

Health Care Associations, Why You do the Greatest Work in the World,                           Talent and The Joy of Hard Work and Commitment

Health Care workers do the greatest work in the world.  This presentation will remind the attendees of how important their work is and how to stay positive in very difficult working environments.  At the age of 27 I almost died of a bacterial infection. I ended up having open heart surgery and months of rehab.  I speak about this experience through storytelling and music and tell of the vital importance the nurses, staff and caregivers had in my recovery and in my life.  This presentation is guaranteed to make the attendees feel very good about themselves and what they do.  Music is performed throughout the talk to illustrate points and ideas and the presentation ends with an exciting and moving finale. Read more

Talent and The Laws of Personal Change

This program will make you aware of the importance of change, give you the powerful techniques that will teach you how to make a change and give you a complete understanding of what difficulties to expect while making a change. Read more

Talent and Creating the Vision

One of the most important qualities talented people possess is visualization. Visualization is not something we learn how to do. It is something we do all the time. You cannot execute the smallest task without it being a thought first. Everything we do in life is a thought first. Read more

Talent and Developing a Strong Sense of Confidence

Confidence is knowing, not convincing. This program will help you overcome fears, blocks and denial and put you on the right track to self sufficiency. Read more

Talent and Leadership

As a leader of many professional violin sections, I believe I have learned the secrets of gaining peoples trust, which in turn allows me to lead them.  The job of a concertmaster is to lead the violin section to play together, play in tune and to follow phrasings and bowings. Read more

The Difference Between “Doing the Best You Can” and “Doing Whatever it Takes”

You cannot change a truth, you can only change a belief. This talk will convince you that you have the freedom to choose any belief you desire that will help you reach your goal. Read more

Talent and Team Building

This program will make you aware of the importance of teamwork and give you techniques to create a great team using musical analogies and entertainment. Read more

The Inner World of the Child Prodigy

This insightful presentation will prove that contrary to most beliefs, talent and genius are not unexplainable phenomenons. Genius is a quality, a state of mind and a connection with self that is accessible to anyone who is willing to understand the principles involved. Read more

Your audience will learn:

  • Leadership skills
  • The joy of hard work and commitment
  • The difference between doing “the best you can” and “doing whatever it takes”
  • The levels of awareness – the building blocks of talent and success
  • Techniques for reaching goals
  • Creativity – there is always a way around a problem
  • Team building
  • Vision – the completed vision must come first
  • The inner world of the child prodigy and how it applies to you
  • The laws of personal change
  • Developing a strong sense of confidence
  • The power of objectivity – finding a clear path to your goals and what it will take

All speaking engagement include instructional material for techniques and live musical examples and performances.

Telephone: (323) 255-6626