Audience Testimonials

What Audiences Are Saying About North Wood


“This kick off presentation was awesome. Really hit home and spot on. Very inspiring and unique. Great show! Thank you!”

“Thank you for such a profound experience. Exceed the highest rating on the evaluation sheet!”

“Great idea bringing in North Wood.  He was very sincere and compelling!”

“Thank you for North. He touched our hearts and souls”

“After working for years with the same residents poor attitudes, I really feel I have a new perspective on how   to look at this life   job that I love again”

“Excellent speaker!”

“Amazing music – great inspiring message”

“Excellent presentation!!”

“Wonderful, inspiring!”

“What a wonderful speaker and insight in how to reach goals”

“Great life experiences relating to our jobs”

“It was absolutely excellent and I will take home the information and use it”


“Oh my god!!”

“I have been attending these conferences for thirty years and this was the best presentation I have ever heard”

“I loved his presentation. I could have listened to his information all day! Motivating, inspiring and happy”

“Wonderful, amazing, uplifting. I loved this session”

“Awesome program, beautiful music, very inspirational”

“Excellent – what stuck with me was the similarity between what our speaker does and what we do”

“Fresh, invigorating and stimulating approach to traditional concepts. Some interesting down to earth and well focused new      concepts”

“Excellent speaker, excellent musician”

“Exceeded expectations, wonderful, inspiring”

“Well organized and the opening speaker was fitting and fantastic”

“Loved the music and humor”

“The music was beautiful”

“Very inspirational!”

“Content and music outstanding”

“Great show. Very thought-provoking”

“To say it short and sweet, some great advice and good direction backed up with lovely music.  It doesn’t get better that this!”

“He was the highlight of the entire conference”

“He was great”



“Great musician and speaker”

“North Wood was just what I needed to hear. North reassured I was doing things right and his professional affirmation made    me feel great!”

“What a pleasant way to approach the importance of goal-setting. Enjoyable and beneficial”

“Refreshing “new” concept in delivery of this message”

“Great music and inspiration”

“Listening to his music made me so happy”

“Very inspirational, gave practical techniques on visualization, reaching goals”

“Thank you for reminding us not to be so serious all the time and to remember to have joy every day”

“Beautiful musical performance”

“Life = balance = great. Beautiful”

“He had a cute personality, Very talented”

“Beautiful, thank you”

“Loved him”

“I just closed my eyes and let my mind go. It was such lovely music”

“It was awesome!!”

“Great music

“You set the pace for a wonderful conference and gave me the morale boost I have needed for a long time, so “Thank You” You   are a very inspirational speaker and a wonderful violinist.”

“I just loved it”

“That was a wonderful and refreshing presentation

The topic was a wonderful choice and we are grateful that his presentation did not mimic the ones we’d seen in the years    prior!”

“Absolutely loved the violin!”

“The music created such a calming environment”

“I was fortunate to attend the North Wood presentation. Please except my complete congratulations on such a wonderful    speaker choice. I enjoyed the speech along with the musical selections. Thank you for the delightful experience”

“The music made me smile”

“Thank you for playing for lunch”

“He brings a breath of fresh air”

“Everyone loved you so much”

“To me your music was “Heavenly”

“A new and fun way of doing a presentation”

“It was a true pleasure”

“You must bring him back”

“Excellent speaker, excellent musician”